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Pre-Owned RV Pricing

Knowledge is power, so whether you're buying or selling, get information about used RV values and pricing.

RV Sellers - learn what similar used RVs are selling for in your area and nationwide. This will allow you to price your RV competitively in the marketplace. Pricing your vehicle fairly will ensure that you sell your RV quickly and that the buyer will easily secure RV financing. See our Sales Tips section to get more great ideas for selling you RV.

RV Buyers - know what the used RV of your dreams will cost you. Once you know your budget, you will be better prepared to shop for your pre-owned RV with confidence.

Pre-owned RV pricing can vary widely due to the condition of a vehicle, where it has been stored, how much the previous owners used it, and how the vehicle was stored. See our RV Buying Guide for more helpful tips on selecting the perfect RV for you.

Factors that determine a recreational vehicle's value:

Overall condition: Water leaks, discoloration, dents, paint chips or other structural imperfections? Regular and effective maintenance? In need of repairs or other service? Do all of the appliances work?

Mileage: If it is a Motorized unit, does it run as expected for a vehicle of its age and mileage? Is the mileage on the motorhome above or below the average mileage for a motorhome of its age?

Accessories: Consider everything that came with and has been added to the unit - awnings, satellite dishes, solar panels, A/C unit, antennas, special mirrors, etc. - and how valuable those items might be.

Whether buying or selling, make sure your vehicle has been Inspected & Protected. Learn more. You can be assured that a pre-owned RV is in excellent shape by always selecting Inspected & Protected RVs.